Tailor Made
AR projects

As the name suggests, it is customized to suit your needs. So everything is possible … really everything! Is it affordable? That’s another story. But the great thing about living in 2020 is that there is almost always a technical solution to make your dreams come true, while respecting your budget (provided you have a budget, of course)

What is possible ?

Because (almost) everything is technically possible, it is always difficult to explain what kind of Augmented Reality project we can work on.  Let’s use an example*: 

1: A child colouring a fish

2: The coloured fish is scanned

3: The scanned picture is applied as a texture to a 3D fish.

4: The 3D fish is sent into a virtual aquarium composed of multiple variable size screens.

5: The magic happens when the child sees his/her newly coloured fish inside the virtual aquarium.

This kind of interactive experience is only possible by using a Real-time game engine to display newly scanned fish textures.

* This project is just used as an example and was not developed by us. We unfortunately are not allowed to share on this webpage all the big brand projects we’ve worked for like Burberry, because we were working as subcontractors for known Agencies. If you need references, please call us and we will share them over the phone with you. 



Who is this technology useful for and Why?

Interactive experiences are amazing, and they offer your brand “a few seconds of customer’s brain focus” by using the “gamification advantage”. This is very useful in industries like: 

Fairs and Trade shows
Digital signage
Brand activation

Why should you work with us ?

We are highly creative

We team up with the best in class art directors who will work on your project as if it were their own daughter’s wedding.

We have the expertise

These technologies are very new and constantly evolving, which is why we have decided to create a network of very talented freelancers who are experts in their field.

We are problem solvers

Every project is different. We need to constantly adapt and find creative solutions to make your project a success.

We respect your constrains

Budgets, deadlines, physical constraints, or constraints linked to your products and industry… We take everything into account to be able to offer you the best option possible.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We will do everything we can to guarantee your satisfaction, with good communication, prototyping, testing, assistance and feedback.  We stay at your side all along to make sure your Digital Event is a success.

One single point of contact

From day one of our collaboration you will receive the personal phone number of your Project Manager. He will be responsible for making sure you get everthing you paid for. He will be your only point of contact.

Our Team

To ensure the best quality services at the best price, we work with Flash Teams.  Flash Teams are led by your project manager. Think of it as a positive version of “mercenary teams”. The  teams are created based on the specific needs of your event or project. When your project is successfully finished, the team is dismantled. 

Our project managers

Cedric Born


H. H Abdallah

3D | Virtual Production

Michael Angillis

Art Director | Video

Ian Ross

GameDev | 3D

Rafaël Sanchez

Art director | Video

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