Here you will learn more about all the innovative solutions we are currently working on.  All theses solutions use the same technology and concept: Real-time engine (Unreal Engine) integration for enjoyable real life Augmented reality experiences.

The Parallax Window

Think of it like a real window showing you a virtual world.  It’s a simple AR experience that gives the viewer a sense of depth and reality simply by watching a screen and without the hassle of wearing a VR headset.

“By continuously tracking the head movements of the viewer and updating the tracking information in realtime in Unreal Engine, we can give the viewer the impression that there is life beyond the screen…”

Cedric Born – 3D – Game Dev

Available : End of November 2020

AR projects

As the name suggests, it is customized to suit your needs. So everything is possible … really everything! Is it affordable? That’s another story. But the great thing about living in 2020 is that there is almost always a technical solution to make your dreams come true, while respecting your budget (provided you have a budget, of course)

“When you combine the power of  Real-Time Engine, like Unreal Engine and the power of high-end modern graphic cards, all your AR dreams can come true.”

Available : As soon as you have a project.

Virtual Production

Be ready to enter the wonderful world of virtual production. Based on the same technologies as in the projects above, it’s the new El Dorado of Video production.

Real-time Keying

Green and Blue Screens are everywhere in the movies. A few years ago, we’ve seen News, sports, and TV shows starting to use them.
Now this technology is available for Enterprise Digital Events and Communication. It offers a lot of flexibility in terms of pricing and content creation.

“Leveraging the power of a Real-Time Engine, like Unreal Engine, is a game changer in terms of content creation. It helps make your content much more interesting, quicker, and easier to produce. Something to consider for your next Digital Meeting.”

Hussein H Abdallah – 3D artist & Unreal Engine Wizard

Available now

Led Volume,
Extended reality,
Virtual production

This is the “newest kid on the block”. It is not for everybody, but something to consider if you want to impress your audience.  This technique combines real-time tracking, real-time graphics and real-time set extension to create the environment you have always been dreaming about.

“XR stands for Extended Reality, which is the next evolution of Augmented Reality. You can film someone in front of a small LED WALL and the computer will composite it in real-time with the camera input and with a virtual background making it look as if the person was filmed in a very large environment.”

Michael Angillis – Art director & Stage Designer

Available : September 2020

Why should you work with us ?

We are highly creative

We team up with the best in class art directors who will work on your project as if it were their own daughter’s wedding.

We have the expertise

These technologies are very new and constantly evolving, which is why we have decided to create a network of very talented freelancers who are experts in their field.

We are problem solvers

Every project is different. We need to constantly adapt and find creative solutions to make your project a success.

We respect your constrains

Budgets, deadlines, physical constraints, or constraints linked to your products and industry… We take everything into account to be able to offer you the best option possible.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We will do everything we can to guarantee your satisfaction, with good communication, prototyping, testing, assistance and feedback.  We stay at your side all along to make sure your Digital Event is a success.

One single point of contact

From day one of our collaboration you will receive the personal phone number of your Project Manager. He will be responsible for making sure you get everthing you paid for. He will be your only point of contact.

Our Team

To ensure the best quality services at the best price, we work with Flash Teams.  Flash Teams are led by your project manager. Think of it as a positive version of “mercenary teams”. The  teams are created based on the specific needs of your event or project. When your project is successfully finished, the team is dismantled. 

Our project managers

Cedric Born


H. H Abdallah

3D | Virtual Production

Michael Angillis

Art Director | Video

Ian Ross

GameDev | 3D

Rafaël Sanchez

Art director | Video

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